Only a healthy deer can produce a Master Rack.

Learn How to Create an Effective Mineral Lick for Deer

An 8-pointer harvested

RackMaster user harvests an 8-pointer! Congrats.

A great harvest in Indiana

Another RackMaster user made a great harvest in Indiana.

Meet Daryl

Daryl Miller is the face and voice of RackMaster™ Mineral.

He was born with deer hunting running in every cell of his red blood in utero. Hunting has indeed been a family affair. He joined his dad to the woods as soon as he was able to walk. He remembers having special papa/son time in the deer hunting blind. He hunted turkey at 6-years-old.

There was never a time Daryl didn’t enjoy braving the elements and hanging out in the woods with his dad, grandpa, uncles and cousins. They shared hunting property and it has nearly always a shared family outing.

Though he prefers archery, since its more relaxing and safer, he also hunts with the gun. He entered legal hunting ranks on the very first youth hunt in Ohio.

Daryl’s Benefits of Deer Hunting

• It’s an opportunity to know and engage with wildlife—God’s creation.

• It’s a profitable outdoor activity and good exercise.

• It helps feed the family.

• Helps keep the local deer population healthy.

• Helps reduce farmers’ crop damage.